Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar Interview

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar Interview

Anthony 'Ant' Lazar


Michigan evening out:   So whats it like coming from Grand Rapids and making as much footwork as you have?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar :i really just made a plan a have stuck with it

Michigan Evening Out: Can you tell the fans a little bit about how you got into the music industry and some info on you and who has been your inspiration?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: i been at it for a minute born and raised in GR. my inspiration comes from the greats. Michael Jackson and 2pac to name a few. I started free styling and making beats, something i’ve always been in to

Michigan Evening Out: After hours of recording sometimes it may be best to get away from the studio monitors. Where does a artist like you go to grab a drink on a night off?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: I really don’t go out much. If i do it’d be more for an occasion where the team would be there.

Michigan Evening Out: Your music always been in high-demand, meaning the hours can get pretty extensive. If there was one restaurant you could take with you where ever you go, which would that be?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: Outback Steakhouse

Michigan Evening Out: We’re sure you’ve seen the rise and fall of many trends in the club. What aspect in club culture do you think has changed the most since the start of your career?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: Styles and fashion they are constantly changing.There have alot of different trends from jerseys and fitted’s to skinnys and snap backs. I think it’s great for the culture and music because it pushes you make quality material to stay relevant.

Michigan Evening Out: If there’s one venue that just feels like home every time you play it, where is it and why?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: I’d have to say the orbit room,because ive rocked packed shows there and shows wheres theres been less tha 50 people. but that still get the same show!

Michigan Evening Out: There’s nothing like a good cocktail to celebrate a successful night in the booth. What’s your poison for such an occasion?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: Red berry ciroc n red bull

Michigan Evening Out: Everyone’s had an issue or two with a doorman every now and then. Have you ever had a run-in with a cocky doorman?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: Yes I Have and i’ve learned thats a no win situation unless you know someone so once i see there may be a problem i dont even let it get to me

Michigan Evening Out: What do you see in the near future of your career? Tell us about your upcoming tour.

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: I will be touring across the country performing at colleges and clubs thru the new year. i cant predict the future so i try to focus one day at a time and hopefully the pieces of the puzzle will fit

Anthony 'Ant' Lazar TourMichigan Evening Out: Any last minute thanks or shout outs?

Anthony ‘Ant’ Lazar: Thank you to any and everyone thats downloaded music,bought merchandise, came to a show or just said they like what im doing.It really means the most. and XTRA special s/o to my entire team cuz w/o them there would be no T.T.M.G.