Be a Guest Blogger

Be a Guest Blogger

We know that there is no greater source of information on everything that has to do with Michigan’s nightlife and entertainment scene than you. So we’re asking you to help us share with the world what makes our  mitten state so awesome.

We’re looking for  anything Michigan – nightclubs, bars, concerts, vacation spots, events, memories, beaches, restaurants, hiking trails, fishing holes, and anything else you can think of including stories of the past or present. You can send it to us in the form of a quick write up, some pictures, or a short video. We will select some of them, and publish them right here on our website. We’ll also spread the word on our Facebook fan page, and through our Twitter account.

For written submissions:
* 300-500 words
* All relevant links (To specific destinations and events. If you don’t have these, we will fill in with the links we find appropriate)
* Any pictures you want included in your post – you can upload these here, or you may send us the URLs to the publicly available photos on Flickr

For photo submissions:
* 4-6 clear, good quality photos
* Captions for the photos
* Please upload your photos here, or you may send us the URLs to the publicly available photos on Flickr

For video submissions:
* 2-5 minutes of video
* A description, or caption
* Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the link

We won’t be able to publish everything, but we will contact you when we are ready to use yours. If you don’t want to be acknowledged by name, please let us know.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

Your Name (required)

City & State

Your Email (required)

How (or if) readers who have questions can contact you directly

Twitter ID

Facebook ID

Tell Us A little About You:

A picture of yourself, if you’d like to use one

A short bio – no more than a couple of sentences

Photos for article

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Photo 5

What Video would you like to share? (Please provide the YouTube link and a description.)

Video YouTube URL:

Video caption: