Pre-Event Promotions

Pre-Event Promotions

Event Promotions

Michigan Evening Out’s team has created, implemented and covered events all over Michigan. Our goal is to exceed the client’s expectations.

There are four good reasons to put on a special event:

  1. Sales and marketing benefit
  2. Media coverage of your company or product, through your event
  3. Goodwill to your “public or community”
  4. Goodwill to your employees, stockholders and investors

We believe the customer is number 1.  We also know that all events need to be budgeted and delivered in a flawless manner.  This is possible by working closely with you, assessing your needs, and creating a realistic and accurate budget that covers all costs.

Time is the biggest factor and the most important ingredient in planning any event.  Is there enough time to produce the results you want?  Is there enough time to build a crowd, or market your event effectively?  These questions are key, but so is delivering the event of your dreams.

Media across the state of Michigan and countless clients have said we have exceeded their expectations. Whether it is the creative, logistics and planning for a media convention or a small home town event.

We have experience writing and developing creative plans for many events.  Due to our extensive background in special events, of all sizes, we are comfortable laying out a site plan for your event that works perfectly logistically.

At Michigan Evening Out, event marketing lives one objective: to provide the very best quality, service and results. Yet we know how to deliver on this is multiple ways including event planning specializing in event development, management, design, creative and concept services, promotions and media. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations, gain their trust, and build a working partnership over time.

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